Pre-packed pre-validated SUPR columns

SUPR series - Any volume, any bed height, any resin.

The Proxcys SUPR-series are a line of compact, pre-packed chromatography columns that benefit from the full radial packed bed by superior distribution and low-pressure operation. They feature an optimized design for reduced manufacturing and material costs. SUPR columns are truly Process-ready for direct implementation and use. The columns ensure optimal process security by reproducible column performance.

SUPR column

All Proxcys process columns feature an internal return line, having both inlet and outlet on top for easy access. The SUPR column range is linear scalable from lab- to process-scale and is available with various bed heights and column volumes.
The SUPR column range is supplied pre-packed with a resin of choice and comes with the detailed Proxcys packing- and qualification-report.

Proxcys will pack and validate virtually any available process resin. Optionally the columns can be configured to allow "second life".

  • Bead sizes from >20µm
  • Bed heights 3cm – 30cm
  • Higher pressure rating (up to 10Bar(g))
  • Adsorptive separations
  • Delivery from stock after defined parameters.
  • Highest throughput, largest adsorption surface area with increased dynamic binding capacity.
  • Ready to Process, full cGMP compliant pilot or process columns.
  • Guaranteed reproducibility
  • Design optimized to reduce manufacturing cost. Materials of manufacturing cGMP compliant.
  • ISO Class 7 clean room packing
  • Highly compatible to Bio-SMB applications

Same bed height and bed volume as existing process columns
By keeping identical column configuration, use of materials and principle of operation of existing validated process columns, validation steps can be accelerated significantly saving crucial time and resources. Proxcys can provide the pre-packed counterpart for any of the chromatography columns that are already being used in process by multiple pharmaceutical companies.
Column packing and validation will be automated and executed in ISO Class 7 clean-rooms, monitored by Proxcys experts to provide for ‘Plug and Process’ columns.

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