Pre-packed pre-validated SUPR columns

Disposable Columns – single use and multi use columns

Short bed height HP-RFC columns

High Throughput capture columns generally feature short bed heights. This feature is creating a challenge for traditional packed bed columns when larger feed volumes are demanded (i.e. larger bed volume required). Packing a short bed height axial large diameter column can be troublesome. Hence Axial packed bed columns are practically not offered for beds below 15cm.

Radial columns can typically handle much lower bed height thanks to the patented Annular packing system. The Annular packing system creates a reproducible high performance packed bed with bed heights even as low as 1 or 2 cm! Consequently larger resin volume can be applied in a radial capture column maintaining the extremely large throughput combined with a short bed height. This makes the radial column an ideal column for Single Use capture applications.

In the past radial columns were seen as an expensive alternative to the commonly used axial columns. When the over-all economics of a process are studied, the result is often surprisingly positive for Radial columns! With the introduction of the SUPR columns PROXCYS again proves that radial and cost-concious processing go together very well, even to a point that they can be considered superior in “disposable applications”.

Single Use column technology

  • SUPR columns (Single Use Pre-Packed Radial columns) in custom size between Lab volumes of 100 ml and Process size of 375 liter column volume!
  • Full cGMP compliant pilot or process columns for fast processing in a plug-and-play mode.
  • Pre-packed and Pre-validated columns can be used for extended periods in campaigns or dedicated projects.
  • Design optimized to reduce manufacturing cost.
  • The unique cartridge design offers the perfect balance between Sustainability and Disposable by offering minimal waste format.
  • Materials of manufacturing POM, EPDM USP class VI approved.

SUPR onltleedt

Proxcys will pack and validate virtually any available process resin. Optionally the columns can be configured to allow "second life".

Industrial pre-packed cartridge technology

  • In development for processes up to ~400 liter column volumes!
  • Proxcys will offer pre-packed cartridges up to the largest scale available today.


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