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Proxcys process columns are characterized by their small footprint and ability to process high volumes at low pressure. Process columns can be operated in a small cleanroom, provide a cost effective solution and are available from 30L up to 2500L. Packing port control by Hydraulic Drive Unit (HDU) ensures safe and automated operation, whilst the bespoke sprinkler design provides time-efficient unpacking assistance with minimum volume. Proxcys process columns are globally used in Plasma, Biopharma, Generics and Transgenics.

  • Smallest footprint, highest throughput per m²
  • Faster chromatography (lower ∆P)
  • Compatible with all resins
  • Light-weight (12cm, 100L at <300 kg - <0.7m²)
  • Automated Packing port operation
  • Un-packing and CIP via bespoke sprinkler design
  • Column specifications as per URS
  • Fast, reproducible packing within 10 minutes (any column volume)
Bed volume30 – 2500 L
Bed heights6, 12, 16 and 20 cm
Custom BH6 – 30 cm
MaterialsSS (316L, 904L)
SS fritGP9, 10µm, GP15, 40µm, 100µm

Proxcys Process columns are stainless steel (1.4404 or higher) columns with stainless steel filters complete with certification. Materials of manufacturing and finish comply to the latest cGMP guidelines.

Proxcys Radial Flow Chromatography columns are characterized by their compact design, light weight, mobile frame and ease of handling with reproducible packing. High Performance Radial Flow Columns (HP-RFC) excel in throughput and performance at short bed-height, adsorptive separations. Mostly, but not exclusively, used in capture-elute applications.

All HP-RFC columns can be operated in a relatively small cleanroom, hence HP-RFC provides a very cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. HP-RFC columns can be manually pump packed, however for improved column performance, Proxcys Packing systems are recommended. The packing process can be (partially) automated, ensuring reproducibility, saving operation time, effort and gel.

Set of 2 Radial Flow Chromatography columns
CS1203 columns – 12cm, 30L
(Compact box frame, 904L SS, HDU)
Chromatography column and system

CS3006S, 150L
Radial Flow Chromatography column with Packing station for automated Packing and Running. This full radial column with a bed height of 30cm features an integrated sprinkler system and high definition durable stainless steel filters provided with certification.

  • 150L and 30cm
  • Scalable to 600L on the same frame/footprint
  • 316L stainless steel
  • Mobile frame for flexible clean room planning
100L Radial Flow Chromatography column

CS1209M, 100L
RFC column with automated Packing port and optional Bubble trap mounted on top.

  • 100L and 12cm
  • 0,6m² footprint
  • 316L stainless steel
  • Automated operation via HDU and HCU
  • Sprinklers for swift unpacking
165L Process Radial Flow Chromatography column

CS1215M, 165L
Compact, stainless steel RFC column on a mobile box-frame with a very small footprint.

  • 165L and 12cm
  • 0,6m² footprint
  • 316L stainless steel
  • Automated operation via HDU and HCU
  • Sprinklers for swift unpacking

Proxcys sprinkler design
All columns can be equipped with the Proxcys sanitary sprinkler, specially developed for cGMP environments. Ideal for column venting, unpacking and cleaning.

Hydraulic Drive Unit for automated and controlled operation of the Packing port. Positions: opening (down), closing (up) and service position (manual).

Top positioned running ports
The inlet and the outlet are conveniently located at the top of the column for operator convenience and safeguarding against accidental draining.

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