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The Proxcys packing systems are versatile pumping systems that are optimized for column packing and other multi-purpose pumping needs. The system features one or more Quattroflow membrane pumps, intelligent PLC controller, dedicated intuitive Proxcys Companion® software, touch screen control, flow and pressure sensors, valve switching and more. Ranging from table-top models for laboratory usage to process size systems, to be equipped with multiple sensors and valve blocks.

  • Multiple authorization levels, log files, batch reporting and data extraction.
  • Operation by set points (time, volume, flow, pressure, etc.)
  • Large touch screen HMI for direct feedback
  • In-house developed Proxcys Companion Software
  • Single / Dual / Triple pump configuration
  • Integrated mixing options for buffer / fluid preparation
  • Pharma grade, hygienic design
Flow rates0.06 – 16.000 L/h
Pump headsMultiple-Use and Single-Use
Customization by add-onsFlow/ Pressure / Air / UV / Conductivity / pH
Certification21CFR p.11 optional

Q80 system overall view back
Flow meter and pressure sensor on chromatography skid
Chromatography system screen
Bubble trap installed on skid chromatography system

The ES-Pack-Q80 is a versatile, stand-alone pumping system suitable for column packing and multi-purpose pumping needs. The system features a Quattroflow 5050 pump for low pulsation and gentle fluid handling. Operation via touch screen, with dedicated, intuitive Proxcys Companion™ software for flow- and pressure-regulated column packing. Automated regulating of these parameters results in effortless and reproducible column packing performance.

Packing and testing system pharma operator

Proxcys Companion™ Software
The latest generation Proxcys Companion™ workstations run on the industry-standard WonderWare InTouch® SCADA platform.

This platform offers extensive data handling- and security possibilities while offering improved user comfort. All data is stored redundantly and remains recoverable when processing the product batches in the isocratic mode via manual or automated controlling, while Data logging is safe, secure and cGMP compliant (21CFR p.11 optional).
The system offers a custom column library to facilitate straight forward recipe programming via the use of CV/min, CV/h, time limit, step wise pressure or flow control. All real-life process data visible on the intuitive graphical system, including ‘walk away-function’ and detailed alarm viewer. Automated report generation and trend viewer with real time and historical views as well as audit trail with filtering options.

More information about all our software possibilities? Visit our Proxcys Companion Software page.

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