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Proxcys PQ systems are chromatography workstations to automatically prime – pack – condition – qualify – unpack and CIP RFC columns. Intuitive touch screen operation with real-time feedback by trend visualization. Add-ons such as conductivity, pH, UV (pre and/or post column) are available. The system offers controlled packing of the column, as well as the option to condition the packed bed and create the performance evaluation data (HETP) at the packing location.

  • Proxcys Companion™ software and intuitive HMI visualization
  • Multi-level System security
  • Automated Pack/Run valve, switched via the HMI
  • Probes with facilitated maintenance
  • Standard pre- and post- column pressure monitoring
  • Single-use pump head optional
  • Generate and export reports
Flow rates1L/h to 1200L/h
Pressure relief valveOptional
Bubble trap volume0,5 up to 2L
ConnectionsCPC or Tri-clamp

The Proxcys PQ systems are purpose-built Packing and Qualification systems. High-end multi-pump systems, designed for stable and reliable downstream processing column technology and many other processing tasks. Including small and/or large processing hardware – fitted to your R&D lab scale and/or cGMP large industrial scale production of novel recombinant proteins, recombinant antibodies or viral vectors for gene therapy. Compliant to cGMP, ASME-BPE standards and/or ATEX environments.

PQ systems generally include a packing process line, for (semi-)automated packing (loading) and un-packing (unloading) of your column with various process resin types. After packing, additional process lines can be added for automated HETP validation and 21.CFR.p11 compliant downstream processing.

Our PQ systems utilize the user-friendly Companion© Software platform on the HMI – ideal for recipe based automated processing, real-time process monitoring, user depended activity logging in multiple authorization levels and instant HETP and/or batch reporting of your chromatographic process.

Moreover, our PQ systems provide supreme chromatographic processing in combination with Proxcys Radial Flow Chromatography (RFC) column range – to obtain excellent packing and running performance and gain optimal resolution between peaks. Connect a range of small- or large-scale RFC columns to one single PAT system. For a versatile system set-up, compliant to the highest demands for Packing & Qualification systems paired with a small footprint.

CS1203 radial flow column with a PAT2080 packing and qualification system
Proxcys CS1203 column and PAT2080

Proxcys PAT20 – Packing and Qualification system

Overview Packing and testing system chromatography
Integrated Quattroflow pump impression

Proxcys Packing & Qualification systems are equipped with single or multiple Quattroflow pumps. Quattroflow displacement pumps excel by their broad flow rate range, their accuracy and exceptional gentle pumping characteristic. This makes them safe to use for a variety of delicate pumping applications.

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