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Service and maintenance

The Proxcys service team offers a wide range of assistance and is used to be called away for urgent service and maintenance tasks. Please do reach out at 0031 591 677 447 or write our service team at to request on-site or remote assistance. Our know-how, flexibility and goal-oriented approach is often the foundation of a trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Although we are flexible and benevolent for urgent matters, we rather help to set up a (preventive) maintenance plan and schedule our visits in advance. Together we will schedule maintenance service visits for:

  • Equipment checkups and repairs
  • Calibration, system corrections and software updates
  • Preventive maintenance and service
  • Spare part replacement, policy and consignment stock
  • Equipment upgrade and installation

Any of the above and additional tasks can be covered in a service and maintenance contract that is tailored to clients and system requirements.

Service contracts
During the pre-scheduled visit by well-trained and qualified Proxcys engineers, the equipment receives an overall check and -service. All O-rings and wearables will be replaced, hydraulics and sensors shall be checked and calibrated. The Proxcys preventive maintenance keeps the systems up to date and reduces the risk of unexpected downtime.

Included in the preventive maintenance contract;

  • One on-site, pre-scheduled, preventive maintenance visit by Proxcys Service Engineer
  • Guaranteed on-site support window – within 2 working days
  • Dedicated stock for general wearables available upon request – reducing delivery time
  • Fast track, prioritized manufacturing for emergency spares
  • Priority support for reduced response time
  • Reduction of 5% on replacement parts for insured products
  • Unlimited remote support (operators, service, etc)

On-site assistance
Proxcys is a flexible and dynamic organization which results in quick handling and action. If on-site assistance is required, Proxcys specialists can often be on the doorstep within a week. Proxcys is at your service for on-site column packing, various team trainings or servicing the equipment.


  • Replacement parts
  • Software updates
  • Corrective maintenance

Quattroflow service center
Proxcys B.V is certified Quattroflow distributor and Service Center.
The skilled and certified Proxcys technicians carry out pump repairs and maintenance on-site as well as in the Proxcys workshop. For an overview of all our Multiple-use and Single-use pumps, visit our Quattroflow products.

To receive a quotation for a spare parts kit or a service visit please provide the relevant pump code to