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Choose Radial Flow Chromatography columns to optimize your process

High Performance Radial Flow Chromatography column technology offers process- as well as operational advantages:

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Smallest footprint

Radial column processing features a dramatic reduction of footprint. RFC equipment is 75% lighter and 80% more compact than axial equipment.

Low pressure drop ΔP

Lower pressure drop improves flexibility to increase process velocity for superior process economics.

Faster processing, higher throughput

Increased residence time by lower superficial velocity during critical processing steps results in fast yet gentle processing.

Proxcys cleanroom columns

Three decades of experience in pharma

Since the start, Proxcys has been combining technology with innovations in the Biopharmaceutical- and Food industries. We focus our knowledge and competences on developing and producing high-end chromatography- and peripheral equipment, to meet the most complex requirements.
Understanding the challenges of the industry, we are proud to be preferred supplier for the world’s largest fractionators.

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Remarkable customization

The challenges of a complex process demand a customized approach. Understanding the clients’ SOP’s and process requirements, our team is dedicated to provide solutions tailored to specific and complex needs.
Our R&D department is involved in custom or complex cases.
Driven by challenges, our in-house R&D engineers draft out-of-the-box solutions, turning an initially complex issue into a straightforward solution.

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International services

Being a flexible and dynamic organization, quick handling and action is guaranteed. If urgent assistance is required, Proxcys specialists can be on-site, anywhere in the world, within a week.
In addition to on-site installation, -service and -training, Proxcys offers several options to assist with or to arrange column packing, recipe optimization, scale-up and development studies, etc.

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Two Batch Chromatgraphy columns

Project management

At project commencement, our Project Engineers take over the design from the R&D Engineers, converting the concept design into a detailed design in order to initiate manufacturing. Having this expertise in-house ensures seamless project-progress and smooth transfer of knowledge.

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