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  • Proxcys moving notice
    Proxcys moving notice

    This week we start moving to our new facility in Emmen.

    Our new address is: Waanderweg 2, 7812 HZ Emmen, The Netherlands. We are proud to distribute globally from our new main office at the Waanderveld, the “Technology campus at the Gate of Emmen”. Here we have established our new offices, laboratory, warehouse, workshop and ISO class 7 clean-rooms. There is still some work to do, but the offices and warehouse will be operational from next week onwards.

    On to a bright future in Emmen!

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  • Nieuwe vacature: Technical inside-sales specialist
    Nieuwe vacature: Technical inside-sales specialist

    Ben jij een commerciële tijger met een sterk “Bèta”-gen en lijkt het je tof om bij te dragen aan de internationale groei van Proxcys? Zo ja, dan nodigen wij je graag uit om contact met ons op te nemen!

    Als Technical inside-sales specialist ben jij zelfstandig, proactief, accuraat, communicatief en oplossingsgericht. Samen met het salesteam ben je verantwoordelijk voor de commerciële activiteiten; van het opstellen van offertes tot het verwerken van orders. Ook het per mail/telefonisch beantwoorden van klantvragen in het Engels of Duits is onderdeel van je werk. Voor de gehele vacature, klik hier:
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  • Pre-packed, Pre-validated RFC columns
    Pre-packed, Pre-validated RFC columns

    Pre-Packed Pre-Validated RFC-columns

    Duplication or effortless Transfer of DSP-processes made simple with Pre-Packed SUPR columns. High Performance-Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC) production columns for biopharmaceutical production currently range from a bed volume of ~5 liter up to 600 liter and Proxcys will be able to provide, pre-packed, ISO class 7 clean-room packed SUPR copies for all of them.

    Process development can start at column volumes of 2ml. The SUPR radial columns support the transfer since pre-packed SUPR columns are identical copies of the parent process.

    Product Registration and validation will remain valid. Therefore SUPR design specifications, process parameters and even material of construction (MOC) are kept identical too. The SUPR design is highly sustainable since parts can be reused or recycled compliant to the Closed loop supply chain goalsetting. Proxcys offers a replacement scheme to collect, process and

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PROXCYS Downstream Biosystems

The world's primary producer of High Performance Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC) equipment. PROXCYS is dedicated to develop and build cGMP purification equipment that will help to reduce the cost of life saving therapeutics.

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Radial Chromatography equipment

More than a decade the unique proprietary Annular HP-RFC columns and systems help to provide column efficiency, symmetry and packed bed stability, applied in cGMP compliant purification of biologicals from various sources like Human blood plasma, cell culture, fermentation, homogenates or milk.

A large array of columns and systems cover all scales of operation, from lab bench to industrial size.

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