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  • Join the Proxcys team! New vacancy
    Join the Proxcys team! New vacancy

    *Dutch Only*

    Word jij onze nieuwe collega?

    Proxcys is op zoek naar een Werkvoorbereider / Planner!
    Een uitdagende, veelzijdige functie waarbij zelfstandig werken en samenwerken met collega's een leuke afwisseling vormen.

    Nieuwsgierig geworden?
    Kijk voor de volledige vacature op: https://proxcys.com/our-company/our-vacancies 

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  • Industrial Bubble traps, custom for Pfizer COVID vaccine production lines
    Industrial Bubble traps, custom for Pfizer COVID vaccine production lines

    Proxcys has manufactured and supplied two industrial-size Proxcys-design Pharmaceutical grade Bubble traps, tailored to be integrated in the production lines of Pfizer for their COVID-19 vaccine.

    Bubble traps play an essential role in pharmaceutical production and are responsible for the extraction of gasses from liquid streams, to protect Downstream equipment.

    Proxcys Pharmaceutical grade Bubble traps can be applied to process streams of water-based liquids as well as selected organic solvents.

    More information about our Bubble traps?

    Visit https://proxcys.com/product-range/bubble-traps

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  • Article: Quattroflow Case study
    Article: Quattroflow Case study

    Proxcys has led the way in space-saving Radial Flow Chromatography systems and Quattroflow has been a trusted partner for every step.

    Today’s article ‘Small Footprint, Big Output’ describes the advantages of Quattroflow technology in our chromatography workstations, designed for automated column packing and qualification.

    Click here for the full article.

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PROXCYS Downstream Biosystems

The world's primary producer of High Performance Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC) equipment. PROXCYS is dedicated to develop and build cGMP purification equipment that will help to reduce the cost of life saving therapeutics.

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Radial Chromatography equipment

More than a decade the unique proprietary Annular HP-RFC columns and systems help to provide column efficiency, symmetry and packed bed stability, applied in cGMP compliant purification of biologicals from various sources like Human blood plasma, cell culture, fermentation, homogenates or milk.

A large array of columns and systems cover all scales of operation, from lab bench to industrial size.

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