The world’s primary producer of High Performance Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC) equipment:

Proxcys Downstream Biosystems

Proxcys machines

Highest throughput per m2

Proxcys process columns are characterized by their small footprint and ability to process high volumes at low pressure.

This innovative (filtration) equipment is used by major international biopharmaceutical companies to produce therapeutic proteins.

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Various industrial applications for the

Pharmaceutical and Food industry.

Proxcys filters

HP-RFC is exceptionally suitable for various industrial applications in the following industries:

Plasma Fractionation, Recombinant Biopharma, Generic and transgenics and Food industry.

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Proxcys Downstream Biosystems

Proxcys B.V. headquartered in Emmen (The Netherlands).
Proxcys B.V. is the world’s primary producer of High Performance low pressure cGMP compliant Radial Flow Chromatography equipment.

We are based in the Netherlands and operate globally from our headquarters in Emmen. Proxcys’ systems are dedicated for the purification of biologicals from various sources like Human blood plasma, cell culture, fermentation and homogenates.

Proxcys B.V.

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