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Finalist in the ‘Company of the Province of Drenthe’ competition!

We are proud to announce that we have made it through to the next round as a finalist in the ‘Company of the Province of Drenthe‘ competition for the year 2023! 🎉

Out of a selection of over 150 companies, only 10 (!) companies were nominated for the semi-finals on July 6th. During this nerve-racking evening, each company was given exactly 4 minutes to pitch why they should earn the title. Our ‘pitcher,’ Anita Oosterveld-Janssen, one of our Technical Sales Engineers, was able to secure a spot in the finale where we will be competing against Manter International BV and
Brink Industrial BV to become the ‘Company of the Province of Drenthe 2023’!

We are looking forward to a challenging race until the final on October 19th!

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