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Bubble traps are an essential part of the pharmaceutical-, food-, and chemical-industries and are responsible for the extraction of gasses from liquid streams, they could also act as a pulsation damper. Proxcys bubble traps are available from lab scale (150ml) to industrial process volumes up to >60L. All of the materials come with the proper certificates for use in pharmaceutical- and food-environments.

  • Sanitary self draining design
  • Glass shatter prevention
  • CIP via sprinkler (optional)
  • Quick and easy disassembly
  • Accessory port and add-ons
  • Custom in-house bespoke design solutions
  • Automated sampling
Volume150ml up to >60L
CertificatesPharma or food grade
Ra≤ 0.4 / 0.6 / 0.8 µm
Add-onsAseptic accessory ports, rupture disk, CIP sprinkler, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, liquid level sensors, pneumatic valves or support foot

In pharmaceutical processes air and gasses can have severe impact on the product and feed stream. Bubble traps are therefore used to efficiently remove air and gasses from the process applications. In addition, bubble traps act as a pulsation damper and so ensure a process stable flow. Proxcys bubble trap are self-draining, hygienically designed and come with all required certificates for use in pharmaceutical production environments.

Proxcys bubble traps are designed with a borosilicate or acrylic cylinder with stainless steel construction. Minimum downtime is assured by straightforward (dis)assembly by only five rods with integrated screw thread, only one hexagon key is needed.

The stainless top and bottom are provided with protection rings against glass shattering, prolonging the lifetime of parts and reducing spares.
The top lid can be equipped with aseptic ports for accessories such as rupture discs/mush rooms, manometer, pressure valve or a sprinkler. Material, piping and connections will be selected based upon the user requirement specifications.

Bubble trap mounted chromatography column process
Two Proxcys Bubble traps mounted onto a 50L chromatography column

20L Bubble traps for pharmaceutical processing

Proxcys’ High Performance “True CIP” Bubble Traps feature a head construction that allows automatic cleaning of integrated accessory ports. This feature is especially interesting for Bubble Traps which are hard to reach. Process volume Bubble Traps are commonly equipped with sample- and vent-valves.

Moreover, installing a pressure gauge, a rupture disk, sprinkler and/or an accessory connection are all feasible possibilities for your design. Besides the design possibilities, all materials of manufacturing have corresponding documentation and are suitable for usage in pharmaceutical environments.

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