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Proxcys pilot-line columns are acrylic ‘transparent’ columns with stainless steel filters. Just as the larger full radial process columns, the pilot columns feature an annular Packing port, inner return channel, running ports on top and full radial frit. During packing all lines stay connected to the column, no resin is spilled, any excess can be fully recovered. Running ports (inlet and outlet) are both conveniently located at the top of the column for operator convenience and safeguarding against accidental draining. The pilot column distinguishes itself by the manual Packing port, which is better suited for use in a lab / pilot environment.

  • Acrylic body to study (packing) process
  • Manufacturing costs optimized for R&D
  • Reproducible packing within 10 minutes
  • Column handling similar to process columns
  • Customization to process requirements
  • Linear scalable to process volumes
  • Resin retrieval channel
Bed volume2 – 50 L
Bed height6, 12, 16 and 20 cm
Custom BH6 – 30 cm
MaterialsSS and PMMA
ConnectionsCPC or Tri-clamp
SS fritGP9, 10µm, GP15, 40µm, 100µm
cGMP certificationOptional

The CA12005 column (5L) is a full radial pilot column with a 12cm bed height. The size and handling of the column makes this model ideal for packing optimization studies and further research. When increasing to larger column volumes, the footprint of the column remains exactly the same, only the height will increase.

More information about the larger process volumes? Visit the Process columns product page.

RFC columns can often be customized in terms of bed height, bed volume, frit porosities, connectors etc. All columns can be delivered pre-packed with the Proxcys’ P&V report, including parameters for packing and running of the column. USP Class VI material certificates are separately available upon request. Other materials of manufacturing and finish comply with the latest cGMP guidelines.

5L Pilot column with Packing and testing system
CA2005M, 5L pilot column with PAT20 system for fully automated packing and running

Proxcys RFC columns are characterized by their compact design, light weight, mobile frame and ease of handling with reproducible packing. High Performance Radial Flow Columns (HP-RFC) excel in throughput and performance at short bed-height, adsorptive separations. Mostly, but not exclusively, used in capture-elute applications.

HP-RFC columns can be manually pump packed, however for improved column performance, Proxcys Packing systems are recommended. The packing process can be (partially) automated, ensuring reproducibility, saving operation time, effort and gel.

Fundamental attributes of the RFC Column range

  • Easy and reproducible packing
  • Custom volume and bed height
  • Lowest back pressure
  • Self-pack of pre-packed and pre-validated
  • Compatible with all resins
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