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Mini Process (MP) ‘slice’ columns are used to mimic radial processes with larger bed heights and volumes, up to 30cm. This column model bridges the gap from Mini Columns to full radial columns, mainly of interest when using bed heights larger than 12cm. (Packing) flow distribution, bed heights and other physical parameters are truly equal to both small scale and full radial process columns. The acrylic transparent body allows you to study the (packing) process within the column. An integrated sprinkler can facilitate unpacking and cleaning. All columns can be delivered pre-packed with resin of choice, including column qualification and packing parameters.

  • Same packing principle as full radial columns
  • Exchangeable filter sets
  • Self-pack or pre-packed and pre-validated
  • Linear scalable to process volumes
  • Acrylic body to study (packing) process
  • Certified materials optional (USP Class VI)
Bed volume1 – 60 L
Bed height12, 16 and 20 cm
Custom BH12 – 30 cm
MaterialsSS, POM and PMMA
ConnectionsCPC or Tri-clamp
SS fritGP9, 10µm, GP15, 40µm, 100µm

Proxcys Radial Flow Chromatography column technology
High Performance Radial Flow Columns (HP-RFC) excel in throughput and performance at short bed height adsorptive separations. Mostly, but not exclusively, used in capture-elute applications. RFC is an efficient, low pressure technology for bio-molecule fractionations. The compact column geometry offers high throughput in process, pilot or lab scale. Proxcys column designs are robust, resulting in exceptionally industrial compatibility since the use of Proxcys columns offers a large tolerance for errors, like accidental air, flow and pressure variations.

RFC columns can often be customized in terms of bed height, bed volume, frit porosities, connectors etc. All columns can be delivered pre-packed with the Proxcys’ P&V report, including parameters for packing and running of the column.

Mini Process (MP) columns or “wedge” columns are often used to mimic radial processes with larger bed heights and volumes, up to 30cm at small and bench-top column volumes.

Fundamental attributes of the RFC Column range

  • Easy and reproducible packing
  • Custom volume and bed height
  • Lowest back pressure
  • Self-pack or pre-packed and pre-validated
  • Compatible with all resins
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