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The Proxcys Batch Chromatography Columns (BCC’s) are state-of-the-art columns with working volumes between 10 and 1000L, equipped with the proprietary tack-free bottom filter and three-way bottom valve. The motor and two- or three-bladed stirrer offer a homogeneous mix, without introducing shear forces, thereby preventing the product or resin from damaging, whilst the sensors and probes on the dome provide constant process monitoring and feedback. Customization is key, depending on process parameters the columns are designed and manufactured.

  • Designed for pharmaceutical production
  • Custom in-house design
  • Stirrer lifting system (optional)
  • Low-rev mixer and stirrer
  • Transparent acrylic body or full stainless steel
  • Perfect for Batch Chromatography
Volume:10 - 1000L
Materials:PMMA (Acrylic, USP Class VI) and SS (316L, 904L)
Frame:Tripod or static (castors or feet)
Add-onsWeight cells, stirrer-lifter, spray-balls, volume measurement, rupture disk, etc.

Stirrer lifting system
The Proxcys Stirrer Lifting System (SLS) is purpose-designed for the Batch Chromatography Columns (BCC), and is operated safe and intuitively via two buttons (introducing two-hand-control). With the SLS, the stirrer is lifted effortlessly out of the chromatography bed, prior to e.g. the gel-settling- and -elution steps, or for maintenance purposes. Lifting the stirrer from start-position to fully lifted, takes about 10 seconds.

The SLS is designed to lift the stirrer safe and effortlessly out of the bed during process (e.g. gel-settling or elution-steps) and maintenance (e.g. CIP, cleaning). Depending on process-requirements, the SLS can be designed to also stir in multiple elevated positions, which enables the column to be deployed for multiple processes and different working volumes.

4xBCC700 columns
4x BCC700 with Stirrer lifting systems (>1100mm diameter)

BCC 2D Radial – Unique vessel design offering axial and radial filtration

This BCC 2D Radial (shown) is a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art Batch Chromatography column, equipped with an axial bottom filter, as well as a radial filter offering the largest filter surface possible whilst maintaining a small footprint. This large filter surface area enables faster processing (highest flowrates), without the risk of blockage or product-damage.

The integrated Tripod lifting system is designed to effortlessly open/close the column for maintenance- and inspection purposes, as well as lifting the stirrer, without facility hoist equipment.

  • 3x Larger effective free filter area
  • Excellent mixing efficiency & distribution
  • Thorough cleaning by CIP – sprayballs
  • Customization possible
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical environments

Integrated Tripod lifting system
The Proxcys Tripod System design has set the benchmark for similar applications since it uniquely respects clean-room requirements by lacking external lines, connections or other non-sanitary add-ons, hence the Proxcys design combines cleanroom compatibility with accuracy, reliability and operator safety.

For effortless maintenance, sieve replacement and manual cleaning, the self-supporting dome construction can be elevated. The Tripod is also able to lift the entire filled vessel, for gravity-draining and better accessibility and ergonomics.

RCV800 tripod positions
BCC800 – Tripod lifting system, different maintenance positions

Serie of 5 Batch Chromatography Columns (BCC600), equipped with among others Proxcys proprietary Tripod Frame, Stirrer-lifter, large axial bottom-sieve and multi-functional customized valve-blocks, uniquely designed for full process-automation.

200L Batch Chromatography Columns (cGMP) designed for use in an ion-exchange chromatography production process.
Understanding the clients’ SOP’s, Proxcys custom designed a component trolley to temporarily store parts, simplifying usage, daily disassembly and cleaning.

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