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The Quattroflow 1200S is a 4-piston Diaphragm pump, which is mainly used to pump water-like fluids that are typically handled in research-, pilot plant- or production facilities of the pharmaceutical, biotech, food or cosmetic research centers or plants.

  • Digital keypad for manual operation
  • “All-in-One” technology – Integrated pump chamber, pump drive, motor, and control box
  • AC motor for operation for external VFD
  • ATEX version available
Flow rate20 - 1200 lph
Dimensions487 x 159 x 210 mm
Weight24 kg
MaterialsSS316L, TPE & EPDM
Download spec sheet (PDF)

Quattroflow pumps are available in two variations: the cleanable Multiple-Use and the increasingly popular Single-Use pump.

Quattroflow stainless steel Multiple-Use pumps deliver the highest level of purity, containment and, perhaps most important, cleanability in biopharmaceutical-manufacturing operations. From simple product transfer to critical and demanding filtration and chromatography applications. These pumps are suitable for clean-in-place/steaming-in-place (CIP/SIP) operations, as well as offering autoclave capability.

Quattroflow Single-Use pumps combine convenience with the ability to save time and money by eliminating the cost of cleaning and decontamination. Gamma-irradiated upon request, these pumps ensure the integrity of your process and production output by providing the safe, clean and reliable transfer of your high purity process fluids.

Quattroflow 1200 Single-Use pump
‘Single-use’ Polypropylene pump chamber
Quattroflow 1200 pump
‘Multiple-use’ stainless steel pump chamber

Certified service center

Proxcys B.V is certified Quattroflow distributor and Service Center.
Pump repairs and maintenance are carried out by skilled and certified technicians on-site, as well as in the Proxcys workshop.

Pumps play a vital role in any production process, that’s why it is important to keep your pumps in top condition. Thorough inspections and advanced preventive pump maintenance, will extend the lifetime of your Quattroflow pumps and help to reduce down-time. During a (standard) service visit, the diaphragms, inlet- and outlet valves and O-rings are replaced. In addition, the eccentric shaft, bearings, bearing holder and bearing cap can also be replaced. It is recommended to service your pumps at least once a year or after 1,000 hours of operation.

To receive a quotation for your respective spare parts kit or a service visit please provide your pump code to

Proxcys is also your first contact for custom pump solutions. From mobilizing your existing Quattroflow pump to custom pumping systems with integrated touch screen control and flow- and pressure sensors.
More information about pumping systems? Take a look at our product page.

Quattroflow pumps
The entire Quattroflow pump range was developed in both single-use and multi-use designs to cover a wide range of flow rates, with eight different pump sizes for you to choose from. With CIP, SIP, Gamma, and Autoclavable capable technology, Quattroflow pumps are able to cover a variety of applications in the biopharmaceutical industry. Quattroflow quaternary diaphragm pumps are constructed according to the state of the art and are extremely reliable. 

Whether your requirement is 0.001 or 360 lpm, Quattroflow has your application covered with disposable single-use options and high purity, efficiently cleaned, multiple-use units. We have the right Quattroflow pump for all applications and offer a large range of pumps in both single-use and multi-use to make sure that your bioprocessing needs are met.

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