Quattroflow Quatternary Diaphragm Pumps tailored for demanding applications.


Quattroflow pumps are available from flowrates as low as 20 ml/min up to 300 L/min

Available with Multi-use or Disposable pumpheads

Quattroflow displacement pumps excel by their broad flow rate range, their accuracy and exceptional gentle pumping characteristic. This makes them safe to use for a variety of delicate pumping applications.

Quattroflow pumps have proven to be excellently suited for the demanding task of packing gels and resins for High Performance Radial Flow Chromatography columns and therefore the Quattroflow pumps are an integral part of the Proxcys Packing & Running stations.

The pump range:

QF 30su 0.06 to 30 l/h 1/8"
QF 150s 1 to 180 l/h 1/4"
QF 1200s 20 to 1200 l/h 3/4"
QF 4400s 150 to 5000 l/h 1.5"
QF 5050s 50 to 5000 l/h 1.5"
QF 20k 1000 to 20000 l/h 2"
maximum pressure 6 bar(g).

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