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ATEX pre-packed column

SUPR columns now available ATEX compliant!

Proxcys pre-packed SUPR chromatography columns, also available ATEX compliant!

The SUPR series are pre-packed, process-ready chromatography columns for cGMP production environments. Suitable for all common process resins, available bed height ranges from 3-20cm, single column volumes up to 200L.

·       Suitable for volatile process solvents (e.g. ethanol or 2-propanol)
·       Low-pressure yet fast flow Chromatography
·       Suitable for a wide range of BioProcess resins (~35µm – 150µm bead size)
·       Plug & Process ready; pre-packed and qualified for cGMP production
·       ATEX certified SUPR columns, equipped with grounding lugs
·       Light weight, compact and mobile column design.

For more information about our SUPR column series, visit our SUPR product page.