1. Season's Greetings

    Season's Greetings

    A special thank you to our clients who are fully dedicated to developing and producing the very welcome vaccines.

    Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy the holidays!

    Please be informed, we enjoy the Christmas Holidays and therefore our office is closed from the 25th of December. We will return to office on the 4th of January 2021.

    - Team Proxcys -

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  2. New facility - update

    New facility - update

    Already a few months passed since we have moved into our new facility.

    Very pleased with our new workplace and sincerely hope we are able to receive you here soon!

    In the meantime, we will continue renovating the main-assembly hall and installing our laboratory space.

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  3. Mooi artikel gepubliceerd in het Dagblad vh Noorden

    Mooi artikel gepubliceerd in het Dagblad vh Noorden

    (Only available in Dutch)

    Farmaceutische bedrijven wereldwijd maken gebruik van machines uit Emmen. Het almaar uitdijende Proxcys maakt unieke filterapparatuur, dat nu ook zijn weg gaat vinden in de voedingsindustrie.

    Hard getimmerd en fanatiek geschilderd wordt er, in het nieuwe onderkomen van Proxcys aan de Waanderweg in Emmen. Bijna vier keer zoveel ruimte als in het vorige pand heeft het bedrijf nu. ,,Ik denk dat we hier prima met een man of veertig, vijftig ons werk kunnen doen. We zijn nu met iets meer dan dertig’’, vertelt Marcel Raedts. Hij is directeur van het bedrijf, dat hij negentien jaar geleden in de garage van zijn huis in de wijk Rietlanden begon.

    Proxcys heeft een bestaande techniek ernstig verbeterd: het selecteren van eiwitten door middel van filters en chromatografie. Om zo precies de stoffen in handen te krijgen die nodig zijn. Zoals bijvoorbeeld antilichamen uit plasma om

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  4. Proxcys moving notice

    Proxcys moving notice

    This week we start moving to our new facility in Emmen.

    Our new address is: Waanderweg 2, 7812 HZ Emmen, The Netherlands. We are proud to distribute globally from our new main office at the Waanderveld, the “Technology campus at the Gate of Emmen”. Here we have established our new offices, laboratory, warehouse, workshop and ISO class 7 clean-rooms. There is still some work to do, but the offices and warehouse will be operational from next week onwards.

    On to a bright future in Emmen!

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  5. Pre-packed, Pre-validated RFC columns

    Pre-packed, Pre-validated RFC columns

    Pre-Packed Pre-Validated RFC-columns

    Duplication or effortless Transfer of DSP-processes made simple with Pre-Packed SUPR columns. High Performance-Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC) production columns for biopharmaceutical production currently range from a bed volume of ~5 liter up to 600 liter and Proxcys will be able to provide, pre-packed, ISO class 7 clean-room packed SUPR copies for all of them.

    Process development can start at column volumes of 2ml. The SUPR radial columns support the transfer since pre-packed SUPR columns are identical copies of the parent process.

    Product Registration and validation will remain valid. Therefore SUPR design specifications, process parameters and even material of construction (MOC) are kept identical too. The SUPR design is highly sustainable since parts can be reused or recycled compliant to the Closed loop supply chain goalsetting. Proxcys offers a replacement scheme to collect, process and

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  6. Proxcys is on the move!

    Proxcys is on the move!

    Proxcys is moving! Room for growth and innovation.

    Last month we received the keys!

    Our new building is prominently located at the ‘Gate of Emmen’ and facilitates further growth and development of our technologies.

    In addition to a modern working environment, our new facility will have clean-rooms to expand the pre-packed SUPR column range, extensive training facilities and an extended Toolshop.

    The next few weeks we will continue renovating to be ready to move in June 2020.

    For more information about the relocation and renovation: keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn!

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  7. COVID-19 update Proxcys

    COVID-19 update Proxcys

    As the COVID-19 virus is evolving, Proxcys has taken appropriate measures supporting the health of our employees and relations as much as possible.

    In order to also minimize business impact, we have asked our colleagues to work from home for the coming weeks.

    For that reason, some of your contacts might not be reachable by their desk-phone as easily and we therefore ask to use email as main communication source.

    Our sales do remain available via their cell phones or via

    We thank you for your understanding and for other questions, please write

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  8. Proxcys 2020 - New premises

    Proxcys 2020 - New premises

    PROXCYS 2020

    In June 2020, Proxcys will move to new premises, prominently located at the “Gate of Emmen”, to facilitate growth and diversification of our technologies.

    The campus houses several high-tech companies that mutually create momentum for the area.

    In our new building, a modern working environment and a number of new activities are created: Clean-rooms for pre-packed SUPR columns, extended training facilities, development space and an extended Toolshop.

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  9. ''Filteraar maakt reuzensprongen'' (Dagblad v/h Noorden)

    ''Filteraar maakt reuzensprongen'' (Dagblad v/h Noorden)
    *English translation below* ''Voor filterfabrikant Proxcys uit Nieuw-Amsterdam is de verhuizing naar Emmen een mijlpaal. Niet alleen omdat er een veel groter pand wordt betrokken, maar ook omdat er veel nieuwe plannen voor de toepassing van de filters zijn.'' Algemeen directeur Marcel Raedts is apetrots op de reuzensprongen die het ''Klein Duimpje'' maakt. Sinds 2010 huist Proxcys in het 1000 vierkante meter grote pand aan de Bedrijvenweg in Nieuw-Amsterdam. ''Met zes man zijn we van start gegaan op deze locatie'', vertelt Raedts terwijl hij over de vloer van de omvangrijke bedrijfshal beent. ''Inmiddels werken er rond de 30 man bij ons''. In juli gaat de fabrikant over naar de nieuwe locatie: het voormalige onderkomen van drukkerij Van Liere Media aan de Waanderweg in Emmen, goed voor ongeveer 2700 vierkante meter aan oppervlakte. Proxcys maakt al jaren slimme filterinstallaties, die verschillende deeltjes in een vloeistof ku
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  10. Season's greetings - Closed between Christmas and New Year

    Season's greetings - Closed between Christmas and New Year

    On behalf of the whole Proxcys team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a radiant 2020! Proxcys is looking forward to a promising 2020 full of exciting developments, including the move to our new facility.

    Please be informed that our office is closed during the Christmas Holidays.

    We are closed from the 25th of December till the 2nd of January 2020.

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