1. Plasma Product Biotechnology Conference 2019

    Plasma Product Biotechnology Conference 2019

    For the sixth time, Proxcys attended the Plasma Product Biotechnology Conference, this time held in Giardini Naxos, Sicily. This conference provides a valuable opportunity to discuss topics relevant to the plasma fractionation industry including manufacturing, quality, regulatory, pathogen safety, clinical development and technical innovations. As with past events, the meeting encouraged networking and discussion between participants in a relaxed and informal format. A key part of the meeting was the poster session. Proxcys presented two posters, For more information visit

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  2. Meeting students at the Technology & IT Career Day

    Meeting students at the Technology & IT Career Day

    Last week we had interesting conversations with students from NHL Stenden University during the Career Day in the Atlas Theater Emmen. This day was all about Technology and IT. The students got the opportunity to look for an internship, an interesting graduation assignment or maybe even a future employer.

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  3. Proxcys provides hands on training at Tosoh Chromatography Course

    Proxcys provides hands on training at Tosoh Chromatography Course

    For many years Proxcys has been attending the Tosoh Chromatography Course to show the principles of Radial Flow Chromatography. In April our colleagues were in Griesheim, Germany to give hands-on packing training to professionals from all over the world. The course is designed to provide a thorough introduction to the many aspects of methods development and use of modern polymeric resins. For more information about the Tosoh Chromatography workshop click here.

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  4. Proxcys rewarded for its regional significance

    Proxcys rewarded for its regional significance

    A technology-oriented industry is important for the development of Drenthe. Excellent work-ethics, good education, motivated people and plenty room to develop are strong attributes that make manufacturing in Drenthe attractive. The DutchTechZone grant-initiative supports expansion and foundation of technology based companies, creating a regional technology hub. This February, Proxcys has been rewarded 90 out of 100 points by its significance for the region as member of the DutchTechZone. Proxcys is very proud to have received this recognition and is committed to grow and continue to make ‘’Made in Drenthe’’ work in the new facility that will be erected this year.

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  5. cTRAC subsidie project - Europese Unie, SNN

     cTRAC subsidie project - Europese Unie, SNN

    Het is regelmatig in het nieuws. Dank zij immuuntherapie leven mensen met kanker langer met een betere kwaliteit van leven. De immuuntherapie gebruikt antilichamen (monoclonal Antibodies of mAb) zoals bijvoorbeeld alemtuzumab tegen Lymfatische leukemie of trastuzumab tegen borstkanker en maagkanker. Immuuntherapie is zeer kostbaar en de vraag laait vaak op of het aanvaardbaar is om deze therapie te vergoeden.
    Met de voorgestelde cTRAC oplossing wil Proxcys een rol spelen om de productiekosten van deze kostbare therapie te verlagen met uiteindelijk het doel om de toegankelijkheid van de immuuntherapie te verbeteren. Hieronder staat een schema van een modern ‘platform’ productie proces voor de productie van antilichamen. Dit proces staat tevens model voor andere biologische productieprocessen voor medicijnen uit celkweek. In een celkweek worden micro-organismen gekweekt, die “geprogrammeerd” zijn voor het maken van bijvoorbeeld de mAb. Deze worden tijdens de productie afg

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  6. Continued success Proxcys calls for upscaling and relocation

    Continued success Proxcys calls for upscaling and relocation
    Scalability is a valuable asset of our technology, now it is our turn. Preparations are taking shape. Plenty room for Technicians, Life-Science, Sales and Support. Proxcys = High Performance Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC). In the past decade Proxcys has developed HP-RFC into a mature, efficient separation-technology and has become global market-leader to support plasma-fractionation within the Biofarma-industry. There is much more, Proxcys has developed an efficient platform for rapid, economical and sustainable isolation of monoclonal Antibodies (mAb) from high density cell culture and evolved to developed GMP-compliant custom process systems for the purification of plasma-protein, insulin and mAbs, including a wide variety of peripheral equipment. Focus always lies on process robustness, saving of (process-) time and a compact design that additionally leads to better efficiency in the occupation of cleanrooms, which strongly adds to the global sustaina
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  7. Vacature: Industrial Designer

    Vacature: Industrial Designer

    Proxcys maakt al een lange tijd een stabiele groei door en is op zoek naar een collega om het team verder te versterken. Spreekt onderstaand profiel je aan? Schroom dan niet contact met ons op te nemen!

    Als Industrial designer ben je verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerpen, tekenen en het testen van onze producten en processen, zowel in onze assemblage als bij de klant. Wij dagen jou uit om als Industrial designer de verantwoordelijkheid te nemen om, van idee tot prototype, projecten tot een perfect resultaat te brengen.

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  8. Transition to ISO 9001-2015 successfully completed!

    Transition to ISO 9001-2015 successfully completed!

    Transition to ISO 9001-2015 of Proxcys organisation successfully completed!

    Lloyds auditor quoted:

    • Proxcys BV has succesfully paired a steady growth in turnover, product range, product support & customization and fame, creating a strong market position.
    • The team expresses a distinctive commitment, highly focussing on the client-support and bespoke product development while optimising the internal process control.
    • The sound approach creates a stable work environment for the employees and reflects positively to their suppliers.
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  9. Dutch Life Science conference 2018

    Dutch Life Science conference 2018

    Proxcys attended the Dutch Life Science Conference on November 29th, 2018. This event took place at the Leiden Bio Science Park. ‘'With more than 450 life sciences companies the Dutch Life Sciences sector has doubled in size during the last decades. About 380 Dutch life sciences products are currently in the clinical pipeline and in 2015 a record of private investments were made in the sector. Together with a very strong scientific background it makes the Dutch industry a major European player with great economic- and societal impact.’’

    For more information, visit the Dutch Life Science Conference website:

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  10. Finale Drentse onderneming van het jaar

    Finale Drentse onderneming van het jaar

    Op 15 november 2018 was de finale-avond van Drentse onderneming van het jaar.

    De winnaar van de Drentse onderneming van het jaar is geworden Vepa uit Hoogeveen.

    Wij feliciteren hen van harte met deze overwinning!

     We hebben een hele gezellige avond gehad met het team en bedanken de organisatie voor de nominatie.

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