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Micro column lab packing

First steps into Radial Flow Chromatography

?First step into Radial Flow Chromatography, proven linear scalability.

Take the first step with Micro columns, designed for initial development and feasibility studies or Virus Validation. The shown Micro column is connected to a Proxcys Packing station, dedicated for small-scale column packing and testing.

✔️ Perfect for analytical experiments with small scale columns.
✔️ Micro columns are available in a wide variety of bed heights and volumes.
✔️ Supplied with dedicated docking unit for easy column (un)packing.
✔️ Self-pack or pre-packed and pre-validated.

If you are interested to see how Radial Flow Chromatography columns can improve your process, apply for the starterkit via, for more information visit the Micro column page.

Micro column and Packing system