Proxcys B.V. is the world's primary producer of high performance low pressure cGMP compliant radial chromatography equipment

Micro RFC

Micro RFC columns: chromatographic performance of the radial column format in analytical scale volumes. Since the Micro RFC columns are an accurate scale-down...

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Lab HP-RFC columns offer “Radical” Chromatographic performance on bench scale. Ultra fast processing in robust processes with any resin and easy handling. Lab columns' suitability...
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SUPR columns

Extended range Micro to Process RFC columns in a prepacked-prevalidated format "plug-and-produce". Prepacked columns can be used for extended periods, dedicated projects...
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Pilot Process Industrial RFC

Proxcys High-Performance Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC) columns are applicable from Pilot to Industrial scale operations. The "work-horses"...

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Accessories & Systems

Proxcys offers a full range of cGMP compliant accessories including sanitary Bubble traps, Intelligent packing systems and miscellaneous...
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Custom Engineering

Proxcys will develop and supply ancillary equipment that support your Downstream Processing tasks and handling. Sophisticated 3D modelling will allow fast turnaround...
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Member of Dutch parliament, Dr. Eppo Bruins, visits Proxcys

Dr. Eppo Bruins, member of the Dutch parliament, scientist & physicist by heart, paid Proxcys a visit in February 2016 as part of a working visit organized by the FHI, Dutch federation of technology branches. Klay Instruments (sensors) and Proxcys (DSP-equipment), two tech-companies located in the province of Drenthe, that operate internationally and maintain a steady growth were selected.


The report about this visit was presented in an article in ‘Signalement’, the magazine is quarterly published by the FHI. The FHI is the Dutch federation of tech-companies, more information can be found on The article can be found online via this LINK, or in the (online) version of the magazine ‘Signalement’. Scroll to pages 9 and 10, page numbers 16-18, for the applicable article.

Proxcys presented in BiotechNEWS

In May 2016 Proxcys published an article in the Dutch magazine ‘BiotechNEWS & Life sciences’, which is issued every 6 months.

In this article ‘High Performance Radial Flow Chromatography’ (RFC) is explained, as well as applications for RFC. A copy of the article can be found via the image below, the online magazine can be found HERE. For the corresponding article; scroll to page 30.

Article BioTech NEWS


Proxcys wins Innovation Award

RFC Equipment producer Proxcys from Nieuw-Amsterdam is the winner of the ‘Voorloper 2015’, the Annual Innovation Award of Drenthe (Region North Netherlands).

Director and founder Marcel Raedts received the prestigious award Wednesday during the Innovation Conference in the Hampshire Hotel in Emmen. 

Proxcys develops and manufactures chromatography equipment, mainly for the biopharmaceutical industry.
Radial Flow Chromatography is an efficient, low pressure separation technique to isolate proteins from e.g. blood plasma. These proteins are the raw materials for various medications for the treatment of for example cancer or hemophilia.

Proxcys started twelve years ago as a sole proprietorship in the garage of Mr. Raedts’ home, nowadays it is grown into a global operating company.

,,A successful example of an innovating company, international operating from the region of the roots'' according the jury.

Proxcys won the price of 10 other nominations, second and third place were for; innovating furniture manufacturer Drentea and Ninthway, creator of the Care Watch.

Proxcys wint 'Voorloper 2015'

Scheidingsapparatuur producent Proxcys uit Nieuw-Amsterdam is winnaar van de Voorloper 2015, de jaarlijkse innovatieprijs van de Commerciële Club Emmen.

Directeur en oprichter Marcel Raedts nam de prestigieuze prijs woensdagmiddag tijdens het CCE Innovatiecongres in het Hampshire Hotel in Emmen in ontvangst.

Proxcys ontwikkelt en produceert chromatografie apparatuur voor de biofarmaceutische industrie.
Chromatografie is een scheidingstechniek om eiwitten uit bijvoorbeeld bloedplasma te isoleren.
Deze eiwitten dienen als grondstof voor diverse medicijnen voor behandeling voor bijvoorbeeld kanker of hemofilie.

Proxcys is twaalf jaar geleden als eenmanszaak gestart in de garage van de heer Raedts, inmiddels is het gegroeid tot een internationaal opererend bedrijf.  

,,Een voorbeeld in voorlopen, met succes voor de regio waar de roots liggen'', aldus het juryrapport.
Proxcys eindigde als winnaar van tien genomineerde, plaats twee en drie waren voor; projectmeubelfabrikant Drentea uit Emmen en Ninthway uit Zwinderen, bedenker van het Zorghorloge.

Proxcys B.V. is the world's primary producer of high performance low pressure cGMP compliant radial chromatography equipment.


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