Proxcys B.V. is the world's primary producer of high performance low pressure cGMP compliant radial chromatography equipment

Micro RFC

Micro RFC columns: chromatographic performance of the radial column format in analytical scale volumes. Since the Micro RFC columns are an accurate scale-down...

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Lab HP-RFC columns offer “Radical” Chromatographic performance on bench scale. Ultra fast processing in robust processes with any resin and easy handling. Lab columns' suitability...
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SUPR columns

Extended range Micro to Process RFC columns in a prepacked-prevalidated format "plug-and-produce". Prepacked columns can be used for extended periods, dedicated projects...
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Pilot Process Industrial RFC

Proxcys High-Performance Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC) columns are applicable from Pilot to Industrial scale operations. The "work-horses"...

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Accessories & Systems

Proxcys offers a full range of cGMP compliant accessories including sanitary Bubble traps, Intelligent packing systems and miscellaneous...
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Custom Engineering

Proxcys will develop and supply ancillary equipment that support your Downstream Processing tasks and handling. Sophisticated 3D modelling will allow fast turnaround...
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Introducing Proxcys MIMIC columns

Proxcys b.v. launches Mini-RFC Mimic columns

Mimic columns are important tools in process development and for Virus clearance confirmation studies. The RFC range has been supplemented with the tubular format Mimic-Radial columns, easy to pack and run.

Advanced Radial Technlogy


Introducing Proxcys Companion Scada Software

Proxcys b.v. launches intuitive COMPANIONTM Process control software

Operator friendly intuitive process control software will allow operators to swiftly start operations and reduces down time.

Companion Wonderware


Introducing Proxcys TQ-packing systems

Proxcys b.v. has built and installed a range of powerful, versatile and compact Chromatography Packing systems 

Since HP-RFC columns are champions in throughput per square meter Proxcys could not accept the huge space some of the typical packing skids are demanding for a relatively simple task. The industrial size Packing systems share the same famililt characteristics since they are small and powerful. Controlled by the really intuitive COMPANION(TM) scada HMI Proxcys systems pair user friendlyness with cGMP (21CFR) data management. 

Proxcys Packing system


Industrial size HP-RFC columns combine small footprint with ease-of-use

Tripod HP-RFC columns: Smallest footprint highest throughput

HP-RFC columns will significantly reduce the footprint required for an industrial column. In the example below the 210-230L Tripod column  with a bed height of only 12cm can be nicely tugged away in a corner without compromising acces processing 6000L/h at 300cm/h.!  A perfect match with the popular disposable bad buffer totes that take up enormous space in the cleanroom. Thanks to Tripod HP-RFC now manouvered without risk of injury.

Space saving Tripod HP-RFC @ 6000/l/h


Proxcys B.V. is the world's primary producer of high performance low pressure cGMP compliant radial chromatography equipment.


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