Packing methods

Radial Compressed packing results in homogenous packing

Annular Port packing demonstrated in the animation clearly demonstrates the controlled (vertical) buildup of the resin layering it gently but firmly as a perfect cylinder against the outer frit.

Annular port Radial Compressed packing packs the radial columns with unique precision and reproducibility. This packing technique allows accurate and reproducible packing of extremely short bed heights (< 3cm !!) and tall columns (130 cm !!). Flow rate during packing is optimized for each resin.

Recycling packing is the most flexible packing mode, suitable for medium- to rigid resins (sepharose, polymeric). Recycling packing procedure allows a starting slurry concentrations between 50% and 80% therewith reducing the packing vessel volume to a suitable size.

During the recycling packing procedure the packing liquid is fed back into the packing vessel (see scheme below), causing the slurry to be diluted during packing. The compression of the resin during Radial Compressed packing is a function of Packing velocity (energy) and packing duration (compacting). Proper balance of the hydrodynamics cause the packing to be firm and homogenous. The main recycling packing control parameters are:

  • Slurry concentration
  • Packing velocity
  • Amount of settled resin: surplus or insufficient
  • Viscosity (density) of the packing buffer

Effect of resin quantity and packing velocity

Graphs below show the mechanism behind recycling packing. Diluted starting slurry will increase the duration of packing, hence allowing the resin to compact stronger. A number of protocol variants are available to make a robust reproducible S.O.P. for the packing of any column.

6min DRC
12min DRC

Fig. 5: Packing process modulation

Radial Compressed Packing Summary

  • Easy handling and set-up
  • Fast packing
  • Reproducible
  • Compatible with all resins
  • Optimized compression
  • No loss of valuable resin
  • Packing with zero excess possible

Radial Compressed Packing Summary

The Picture shows a column being packed. ~85% of the resin is packed. The arrows point to the direction the packed bed is growing (outside-in). The clear cylinder in the middle clearly shows the accuracy of the packed bed cylinder.

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