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Proxcys Downstream Biosystems

Downstream Biosystems is headquartered in Nieuw-Amsterdam (Netherlands).
Proxcys B.V. is the world's primary producer of High Performance low pressure cGMP compliant Radial Flow Chromatography equipment.

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More than a decade of DSP and engineering experience forms the basis for the development of the unique proprietary Annular Packing system that results in superior column efficiency, symmetry and packed bed stability. cGMP compliant Laboratory, Pilot and Process columns are available in Stainless Steel and/or USP Class VI approved plastics and come with a comprehensive documentation package.

Proxcys' systems are dedicated for the purification of biologicals from various sources like Human blood plasma, cell culture, fermentation, homogenates or milk.


Proxcys' mission is to be a reliable partner, manufacturer, supplier and support organisation of innovative high performance process & industrial scale purification technology.

“Organic growth” business model

Development of quality DSP products for the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry requires focus, time and patience. At the start of Proxcys in 2003 this was the main reason for Marcel Raedts, current owner and CEO, to decide for the "organic growth" business model. In 2010 Proxcys moved into a new and larger facility of > 1000m2 in Nieuw-Amsterdam where clean assembly & production possibilities are created. 2011 is the start of the Pre-packed & Pre-validated columns that highly facilitate the entry and acceptance of RFC technology. 2016 Proxcys introduced the Tripod system, a column design with the smallest environmental footprint of process scale columns supporting awareness and sustainability programs.

Core activities Nieuw-Amsterdam

  • Sales & marketing
  • Technical development & documentation
  • Assembly & testing
  • Packing & validation
  • Engineering & prototyping
  • Finance & admin

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