Tripod Column range

Proxcys Tripod Chromatography columns

The Proxcys CS1200-LDT series are Radial Flow Chromatography columns with integrated lifting systems for fully automated operation, certified for pharmaceutical production.

Proxcys columns are characterized by their compact design, light weight, mobile frame and ease of handling with reproducible packing.
High Performance Radial flow Columns (HP-RFC) excel in throughput and performance at short bed height adsorptive separations. Mostly, but not exclusively used in capture-elute applications.

All HP-RFC columns can be operated in a relatively small cleanroom, hence HP-RFC provides a very cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Proxcys Tripod column opened

(Dis)Assembly, replacement of O-rings and maintenance and inspection, is highly facilitated by the integrated Tripod lifting system that enables the column to be opened at place without external facility hoist equipment.

Opening and closing of the column and the annular packing valve is controlled via a small wired handheld controller (HMI), attached to the column.
The Proxcys Tripod System Design is considered to be the benchmark for clean-room compatible mechanics, as the design combines cleanroom compatibility with accuracy, reliability, risk reducing by manual handling and optimal operator friendliness.

With the Tripod frame, different sections of the column can be opened and closed on the spot, without any manual labor, nor a roof mounted hoist.
Decreasing downtime and risk, whilst improving safety. Also, the Packing-port is integrated in the Tripod frame, meaning the Packing-port is operated by the Tripod as well.

Even the tallest Tripod columns can be operated and serviced in relatively small clean-rooms of less than 3m net ceiling height! This will offer significantly reduced operating cost from reduction in energy consumption and improved environmental sustainability. Proxcys Radial Flow Chromatography columns are linear scalable from lab-scale to industrial scale, up to 1200L and higher.

In the last years, Proxcys has installed many Tripod columns paired with Proxcys packing stations (ES-Pack-Q80) for the commercial fractionation of plasma proteins and vaccine manufacturing.

CS1203M-LDT column

The ES-Pack-Q80LT is a versatile pumping system suitable for column packing and multi-purpose pumping needs.
The system features a Quattroflow 5050 pump for low pulsation and gentle packing. Operation via touch screen with dedicated, intuitive Proxcys Companion™ software for flow and pressure regulated column packing and effortless, reproducible column packing.

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