Custom Solutions

Proxcys is glad to assist in queries for specials and custom solutions.

Proxcys' expertise lies in chromatography columns and supportive equipment, including resin conditioning/slurry vessels; packing systems in a wide variety; Custom Acrylic columns; Bubble traps and special scale down or scale-up columns.

The extended experience with all kinds of chromatography resins enable Proxcys to develop and supply ancillary equipment that can support and facilitate the Downstream Processing tasks and handling.

  • In related projects the experience and know-how of the Proxcys engineering team results in smart solutions.
  • Sophisticated 3D modeling will allow fast turnaround time on new projects.
  • Talk to us when having a good idea or an urgent need.

Custom solutions:

Proxcys will continue to extend custom solution support for DSP

Training Proxcys


Hands-on Process Chromatography Training

Key to a successful operation is a proper operator training. Radial columns bring a number of benefits to the process floor. The day -to-day operation is identical to conventional processing. The packing and handling before use is slightly different and needs to be trained to remove the natural unease.

Proxcys helps new operators with their first steps into the Radial operation in a number of ways:

  • External training courses at resin manufacturers
  • University initiatives
  • Industrial partners are supported by Proxcys
Proxcys training

Biochromatography: Tosoh Bioscience

Downstream Processing: MBI University College London

NIZO Ede: Downstream Processing

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