Slurry vessels

Resin Conditioning Vessels (50ml to 1.500L volume)

The Proxcys Resin Conditioning Vessels (RCV) are multi-functional vessels with main functionalities in slurry preparation, decanting, washing, swelling, buffer exchange and resin retrieval and storage of all sorts of chromatographic resins. A speed-adjustable, low sheer stirrer ensures gentle, yet efficient resin treatment and mixing.

The RCV is a state-of-the-art Resin Conditioning Vessel (slurry vessel) and can be equipped with the integrated Proxcys lifting system (Tripod), designed to effortless open/close the vessel for maintenance and quick inspection. Control is done by simple commands on the intuitive touch screen Handheld-HMI. This will allow safe and well-controlled opening and closing of the vessel for quick inspection and maintenance.

The Proxcys Tripod System design has set the benchmark for similar applications since it uniquely respects clean-room requirements by lacking external lines, connections or other non-sanitary add-ons, hence the Proxcys design combines cleanroom compatibility with accuracy, reliability and operator safety. For effortless maintenance, sieve replacement and manual cleaning, the self-supporting dome construction can be elevated with ~50-70cm fully automated. Naturally, slurry vessels with a regular frame (non-Tripod) are also available, saving weight and improving mobility.

Supplementary demands

  • Shearless mixing of the resin
  • Drain the resin from the container without a trace
  • Slurry concentration > 80% (v/v)
  • Sanitary design
  • CIP cleanable
  • Automatable

Resin conditioning vessels will swell and wash the resin. The resin will gravity drain through the specially designed bottom and bottomvalve into a bucket or a vessel for further processing. Proxcys managed to keep the slurry density close to 85% while the expensive resin is completely drained from the vessel without a trace in a net concentration of 80% (very little buffer is needed to flush the residual resin from the vessel).

The vessels are in operation since mid 2010 and were 100% compliant with the demands stipulated.

Principle of operation by Floating bed technology

A large surface, special designed mesh allows fast, concentrated gravity-drainage of resin or liquid evacuation through a three-way bottom valve. This allows to keep the slurry density close to ~80% while the costly resin is fully drained from the vessel. Thanks to well positioned spray balls, very little liquid is needed to completely flush all residual resin from the vessel.

The multi-port/three-way bottom valve is also used to create an upstream-flow to control the level of liquid, ensuring precise slurry mixing for reproducible packing result and economical liquid usage.

The Proxcys Resin Conditioning vessels are available different volumes, materials of construction and equipped of many accessories and ports, such as volume measurement, spray balls, rupture disks, probes, sensors and manholes.

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