Packing stations

Packing Stations

Proxcys packing stations offer reliable packing. The proprietary Annular packing port can be fully automated by the integrated Hydraulic Control Unit of the packing station.

  • ES-Pack packing stations feature one or more Quattroflow packing pumps, flow rate monitors, pressure monitors, offer packing termination point recognition and automated procedures via the intuitive Companion software and touch screen HMI.
  • Actual pressure and flow data are graphically presented live during the packing process.
  • Integrated PID loops, support packing by flow or pressure and will tightly control the packing in common modi to yield the best result for any gel or resin.
  • Integrated reporting functions will satisfy the need for cGMP traceability and batch records.
  • ES-Pack pumping systems range between 0,3  liter/min and 300 liter/min.

Packing station

Packing station

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