Packing and Running stations

Isocratic Sanitary Packing & Running system

Pack & Run

A packing system offers controlled packing of the column yet the equipment could also be used to condition the resin and create the performance evaluation data at the packing location.

The system could even be interesting to be used for simple processing steps.

Supplementary demands

  • Accurate shear-less packing pump
  • Simple system layout
  • Robust intuitive MANUAL process control
  • Continuous UV-, pH-, Conductivity-, Pressure- and Flow- reading
  • RAW data to be protected from manipulation (21.CFR.11)
  • Small footprint
  • Low cost!

System Description


  • ES-Pack PAT20    0-20 l/min
  • ES-Pack PAT3      0-3 l/min


The velocity of the pumps is manually regulated but automatically corrected by feed-back of the accurate MAG flow meter. 3 modes of operation:

  • Manual (dial) flow setting, regulated by flow rate reading and feed back.
  • Manual (dial) flow setting not regulated (in case of air or WFI)
  • Purge setting where manual selector valve will allow a short pulse at high or low flowrate (preset to ~80% and ~40% fixed).


Specification Description Info
Pump: Quattroflow 1200 0-20 l/min
  Quattroflow 150 0-3 l/min
Note: Facilitated pump-head exchange to prevent cross contamination  
  Other pumps will become available  
Valves: 4x inlet sanitary diaphragm valves pneumatic controlled Hold pressure 6 BarG
  4x outlet sanitary diaphragm valves pneumatic controlled Hold pressure 6 BarG
Detectors: pH Proxcys cell
  Conductivity JUMO cell
  UV Knauer 280nm
  Flow-rate MAG flow meter <+/- 0.5%
  Pressure (digital) -1 to 9 BarG
Column: 1x Any column
Misc: Bubble trap with manual  vent Proxcys
Selector valve 4-way manual solvent selector valve for "Packing" or "Running"  
Packing control: Automated packing termination by pressure limit  
Control: Manual  
Data collection: Digital chart recorder 6 channels continuous monitoring Endress Hauer
Data transfer: Ethernet, USB, Flash memory card storing weeks of data  
Power fail protection: Over pressure detection will halt pump  
Logic: Incomplete flowpath will halt pump  
Column protection: Optional filter will protect column from residual resin contamination  
Footprint: 60 x 60cm  


First systems installed early 2011.
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