MP Mini Process

Mini Process columns for HP-RFC Process & Industrial column development

Mini Process columns are developed and designed to do method development on larger scale of operation and with larger bed heights.


Large volume MP columns will allow predictions up to industrial scale volumes. MP columns are supplied with CPC quick connect fittings, user manual and basic tubing. MP columns feature a bottom packing port with Packing port valve integrated in the column (no external loose parts)

Mini Process Series

  • MP-Columns 12-30 cm bed height
  • Development for RFC columns 1200 L
  • Integrated bottom Annular packing port
  • SS Frit Porosities 10µm (std) , 40µm or 100µm
  • Custom bed heights frit porosities and fittings on request


Type BH Volume
MP 1201 12cm 1.0 L
MP 1206 12cm 8.0 L
MP 2003 20cm 4.5 L
MP 3015 30cm 25 L
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