Industrial columns

HP-RFC Industrial line

Compact HP-RFC Tripod industrial columns & systems

Reduction of bed height reduces operating pressure and boosts productivity. The added advantage is the even smaller footprint and weight.

The HP-RFC Tripod column are available with a bed volume of 150 to 1200 liter and a bed height of 12cm to 30cm. The 230L 12cm  model fits nicely between a skid and a 2000 L disposable bag buffer tank, leaving plenty room to move in the cleanroom.

At a superficial velocity of 300 cm/h this 230L column will process 6000 L/h. A magnificent record for a footprint of only 1m2. !

Effortless packing, robust processing and easy maintenance come as standard.

An excellent space-saver for reduced risk in manouvring the popular but space demanding disposable bag buffer totes

Industrial line

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