Continued success Proxcys calls for upscaling and relocation
Scalability is a valuable asset of our technology, now it is our turn. Preparations are taking shape. Plenty room for Technicians, Life-Science, Sales and Support.

Proxcys = High Performance Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC). In the past decade Proxcys has developed HP-RFC into a mature, efficient separation-technology and has become global market-leader to support plasma-fractionation within the Biofarma-industry. There is much more, Proxcys has developed an efficient platform for rapid, economical and sustainable isolation of monoclonal Antibodies (mAb) from high density cell culture and evolved to developed GMP-compliant custom process systems for the purification of plasma-protein, insulin and mAbs, including a wide variety of peripheral equipment. Focus always lies on process robustness, saving of (process-) time and a compact design that additionally leads to better efficiency in the occupation of cleanrooms, which strongly adds to the global sustainability objective. Ease of use for the operators with intuitive software (21CFR) will assist to reduce of risk within the contraints of GMP production. Personal interaction, short lines in communication, excellent care and state of the art quality (made in Holland!) created stability and have led to a sdtrong growth of business and turnover. Proxcys are very excited to announce the currently planned scale-up of the Proxcys facilities and its activities bij a 4-fold, creating even more room to answer the needs of the markets. The picture above is an impression of the new building.