Proxcys B.V. is the world's primary producer of high performance low pressure cGMP compliant radial chromatography equipment

Micro RFC

Micro RFC columns: chromatographic performance of the radial column format in analytical scale volumes. Since the Micro RFC columns are an accurate scale-down...

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Lab HP-RFC columns offer “Radical” Chromatographic performance on bench scale. Ultra fast processing in robust processes with any resin and easy handling. Lab columns' suitability...
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SUPR columns

Extended range Micro to Process RFC columns in a prepacked-prevalidated format "plug-and-produce". Prepacked columns can be used for extended periods, dedicated projects...
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Pilot Process Industrial RFC

Proxcys High-Performance Radial Flow Chromatography (HP-RFC) columns are applicable from Pilot to Industrial scale operations. The "work-horses"...

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Accessories & Systems

Proxcys offers a full range of cGMP compliant accessories including sanitary Bubble traps, Intelligent packing systems and miscellaneous...
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Custom Engineering

Proxcys will develop and supply ancillary equipment that support your Downstream Processing tasks and handling. Sophisticated 3D modelling will allow fast turnaround...
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Minister Kamp visits innovative company in Nieuw-Amsterdam

Minister Kamp visits innovative company in Nieuw-Amsterdam.

 Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs has visit Proxcys Downstream Biosystems to see how a one-man-business is expanded into an global active company.

Proxcys, founded 12 years ago by mr. Raedts, designs and manufactures radial flow chromatography columns. The company uses only local suppliers to provide equipment and materials.
The columns, build against minimum costs, are used to isolate the last generation of medicine in order to fight inter alia cancer.
The minister and delegation were guided through the facility while mr. Raedts was presenting how a small SMB company differentiates itself in an international market. The delegation was especially impressed by the speed in the design phase, which Proxcys uses to respond to the needs of the clients.
The visit ended with a demonstration of a radial flow column in use, and as the picture shows, this was monitored with high interest. Proxcys is prized by the visit and thanks the minister for his warm appearance.  


Minister Kamp, Wethouder Nienke Houwing, Tweede Kamerlid Erik Ziengs en Marcel Raedts tezamen om een kolom.


Minister Kamp bezoekt innovatief bedrijf in Nieuw-Amsterdam.

VVD Minister Kamp van Economische Zaken bezocht Proxcys Downstream Biosystems om te zien hoe een eenmanszaak zich op eigen kracht kan ontwikkelen tot een internationaal opererend bedrijf.

Proxcys is 12 jaar geleden door dhr. Raedts als eenmanszaak opgericht en produceert chromatografie kolommen die regionaal worden gefabriceerd. De kolommen worden gebruikt om tegen minimale kosten de laatste generatie medicijnen te isoleren, die onder andere worden ingezet in de therapie tegen kanker. 

De minister en delegatie werden door het bedrijf rondgeleid waarbij dhr. Raedts vertelt hoe een klein MKB bedrijf zich in een internationale markt onderscheidt. De delegatie was vooral onder de indruk van de snelheid in de ontwerpcyclus waarmee Proxcys inspeelt op behoefte van haar klanten. Het bezoek werd afgesloten met een demonstratie van de techniek die met belangstelling door de aanwezigen werd aanschouwd. (zie foto)

Proxcys B.V. is the world's primary producer of high performance low pressure cGMP compliant radial chromatography equipment.


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